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June 02, 2003 - 10:05 am

it must be pretty boring to read about how i keep unpacking my boxes and how much i love my chinatown orange kitchen, but the finishing up is almost done. c installed shelves for our books along our hallway way above our heads and it looks beautiful! the kitchen is totally unpacked and the shelves highlighting all of my beautiful vintage wares are up and looking good. the living room is shaping up and i just need to get a router for my computer so that i can share in the boy's high-speed internet connection. the bedroom, alas, is the most jumbled. and it's all of my stuff. collections of knit creatures, big eyed kid and cat prints, my ugly doll collection....these things all need to find a home here with me. and i had gotten rid of so much stuff before i moved! i think my collections will have to be pared down and will focus soley on the kitchen rather than cast-offs from old grandmothers knitting needles. i guess that resolution justified my peeking at the holt howard selection on ebay!

before i finally moved in, we had been debating to whether or not my 8 foot long sexy vintage couch and matching chair would fit into this space. and sadly, i had to let my dream couch go. c's couch is nice and very similar to mine, and at six feet long makes a perfect fit. so i headed out to a local vintage shop and put my couch and chair and my kitchen table on consignment. they loved my stuff and said that it should sell pretty quickly. and, they quoted me a ridiculous price at which they were planning on selling the lot. whooop. if it even comes close to selling it at the price they quoted, i'll be one flush lil' lady!

today i have got a lot to do. i need need need new eyeglasses and contact lenses and i can only hope to find something good! i also would like to buy some new fabric to make new curtains for our bedroom window and finally plant our herb garden on our fire escape.

so yes, my mind is filled with thoughts of home. did i do anything else to occupy my time this weekend? well, i worked at the theater and got to watch the new barbara kopple documentary at the very same time. and afterwards, me and the boy headed the 4 blocks from our apartment to the chinatown night market where we ate a late dinner of wuntun soup at hon's and looked at all the hello kitty knock offs (hollo kitty!)

and this made me laugh. hard.

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