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May 30, 2003 - 12:04 pm

life is pretty great. it is. i'm listening to 5 ceedees on shuffle (ooh, the technology!) and i'm using the boy's pc in our bee-u-tee-full chinatown orange kitchen cuz my mac is still at the old place. snoopy the cat is sleeping on our new queen size bed with the lovely striped comforter and matching pillowcases. while we were eating our cereal for breakfast, we were listening to some ol' beat happening and a song came on about playing house and that's exactly how we feel. and it's damn fun!

i've been officially living here since monday and i'm adjusting beautifully to the whole new neighbourhood and new abode. i love this place so much!! it is the prettiest and best place that i've ever lived in. even better than my own lil' bachelorette pad with the pink bathroom. and that's saying a lot!

it's been a busy week. i've now officially hung out with the magazine job folk after working hours. i headed to one girl's west end apartment where we proceeded to eat edamame seasoned yummily with curry oil, homemade avocado salsa and lots and lots of red wine on a summery balcony. it was fun and we are going to make it a monthly event. we are calling ourselves the 'adbusty' group cuz we are all women (and one boy) and we will start our own girlie magazine to the real one we work for. the next day, after heading into work late with a hangover, i met up with miss kyla on the drive and we chatted about life and the future and our financial problems. it was a well-needed purge. it's funny, cuz she thought she was the only one with problems. ha! i didn't know i looked so put-together from the surface!! what a coup! well, after that got resolved and she saw what a fraud i was, we headed on our bikes to get some very much needed gelato. mmmmm. and then since the gelato place is only 4 blocks away from our new place, miss kyla became the very first visitor to our apartment. there were (and are) boxes everywhere, and i couldn't be the most gracious host, but it was a nice visit.

today will be the last of the moving. c went to get his parent's van to move my computer and some other stuff still at the old place. we'll clean up there and head back to our familiar old haunts like ikea (yes again!) for shelf brackets and home depot for wood. we'll put up all of our shelves and unpack the last of our boxes. but after today, i will be soley a one-home kind of girl. phew!!

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