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May 06, 2003 - 7:16 am

well, the weekend turned out not so bad afterall. fun was had, many games of gin rummy were played and sunday's fun began at the home depot. whoooo! cornelius borrowed his parent's van and we headed to the home depot to buy plants and paint for our place. we settled on 2 colours so far: chinatown orange for the kitchen and robins egg blue for the bathroom. the hallway, living room and bedroom colours are still up for grabs. it was pretty fun strolling the ailes and planning for OUR apartment. i'm pretty happy about it.

as we had the van (and it's a camperized one at that), we decided to force the head of summer and go to the drive-in. i haven't been to a drive-in since i saw e.t. in grade seven (which i hated). we saw xmen 2 which was totally silly (and no, i never saw the first one), but very fun for drive-in movie fare. we played a game of gin before the movie began, as we were able to sit luxuriously in our 'kitchen table seating'. we went to the concession for burgers and when we returned, c realized that he had left the keys in the van and he had to shimmy through a side window to get back inside. it was pretty funny as i pushed his bum back into the van! but before the movie began, we pulled back the table and turned the whole contraption into a bed and watched the movie in utter comfort and did lots of making out. we giggled non-stop about how fun the night was. go drive-in movies go!!!!

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