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May 06, 2003 - 5:08 pm

today after a lovely bike ride home from my lovely job at the magazine, i got a call from the temp agency about handing in my timesheets late at my other job. apparently, they don't like that and it is, in their words, "a problem". it's kind of funny, cuz after the debacle a few months ago, the temp agency has had pretty much nothing to do with me -- well, other than take 50% of my wage. so now, i figure, they want to have a telephone chat about how i am a bad temp employee and hell, they may even fire me. part of me doesn't really care that much, but the part that likes to have savings and excess money to do and buy fun things, sure cares. i'd really love to just tell the temp agency to stuff it, but i'm sure i'll just nod and say 'yes sir'.

i just got off the phone with my friend who yesterday rode her bike over a speed bump and did a face plant right on the pavement. she had to get carried away in an ambulance and there was apparently blood everywhere. she needed stitches and she can barely move her jaw. school and work will have to be put off for a few weeks. hearing her story made me feel pretty lucky. she was wearing a helmet and i hardly ever wear mine. i will definitely get a stylishly new helmet that i can lock up to my bike and wear it for safety. accidents like that freak me out.

and in case you are wondering, it is only 2 more days until my birthday! i'm pretty excited. i have no idea what cornelius has planned for thursday, but i'm looking forward to having a fun time. and then on saturday, i will meet with my close friends (forget about having a party!) and eat dinner and go bowling. i'm pretty excited. i even got a card early from my parents yesterday. wheeee!

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