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April 14, 2003 - 7:33 am

it really seems like it's been forever since i've updated. lots have been going going. cornelius and i have gone on numerous dates which have been fun, fun, fun. bike riding, movie-watching, eating and exploring new neighbourhoods. we've also been planning on how to paint his apartment and settled on an orange and white kitchen. all the other rooms are up for grabs....i don't think he's too keen on my idea for a fushia-coloured living room....sigh.

on friday night, kyla won tickets to see 'soundtrack of our lives' and she took me as her plus-one. she came over first and we had beers before we rode our bikes towards downtown into the warm weather. i had heard only one song before from them and wasn't entirely keen on the band, but we had a good time. i love chubby lead singers in bands...and this one wore a tunic/mumu dealie so he got extra points in my books! after the show, we headed to the legion to see what was left of the m*gic ass and buttIess ch*ps show and ran into dan and pam. we chatted for a bit and when i told dan i was moving into cornelius' apartment, he immediately asked if he could move into my apartment! i would be sooo happy if someone i knew could take this lil' bachelorette suite cuz it truely is the best apartment ever. kyla and i then took off towards the brickhouse where randy was spinning for someone's birthday party, but since it was so late, the club owners asked him to pull the plug and then they started spraying down the place with lemon pledge! so after some brief conversation, we took off towards home.

saturday was garage sale day, and i piled 4 (FOUR!!) garbage bags and 2 boxes filled with stuff into corn's parents car and headed the 3 blocks east to kristen's house. we had decided to have the sale for only 4 hours and then just leave everything that didn't sell on the lawn with a big "free" sign. we sold lots and when i left after the four hours, it apparently turned into a madhouse! it was pretty exciting and i made a nice tidy sum. and with unloading off all of my junk, my apartment feels a bit more spacious and it makes me eager to move in june. i can't wait!!

after a leisurely breakfast at the skylight and trying to tackle the weekend NY times crossword (ack!), me and c worked on a flash project together, as he is trying to get me more into action scripting and i try to resist at every turn. sigh. but it was fun and we came up with a cute splash page for our friend's band. we then met up with kyla and randy to see hell house at the bl!! i don't think i've ever seen a movie before where my jaw dropped open more than it was closed. it was a pretty even-handed treatment of a "haunted house" about "real-life" abortions, suicide, drugs, etc. put on by a pentacostal church near dallas, tx. a shockingly great movie where even most of the participants in the church liked the completed documentary! i even found some interesting christian reviews of the documentary.

next weekend for the long weekend, cornelius and i are renting a car, putting our bikes in the trunk and heading south down to portland! we'll probably go astoria and visit the coast as well. i'm very excited! we need to find a cheap hotel/hostel in portland and we figured thru some internet help that the Century Plaza Hotel (415 SW Alder) is the cheapest, but i need some experienced help here....is it a scary dive? does anyone have any recommendations? portland?? i need help! also any good recommendations on where to eat and some good bars would be helpful too! i remember last summer when i went with kyla for the zine fair, we stayed at the great 'white eagle' and drank at 'belulahland' and ate cuban food at one place and burgers at another place (dot's?). any tips will be greatly appreciated!!

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