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April 15, 2003 - 6:11 pm

thanks to this lady i have some clue to where i will be laying my hat in portland and some ideas on what i'll be doing. apparently the apples in stereo will be playing a free record store show on saturday so there is no doubt that i'll be there! i'd love some good food recommendations, as i've heard that it's hard finding a good restaurant in portland....especially for breakfast.

i'm pretty excited about the trip. we're going to take kyla to seattle and back too, so it will be pretty fun with stops for american style breakfasts and bellingham value villages! i can't wait! i also can't wait to spend some time away with cornelius. we definitely need a vacation away from this city. and with our bikes stowed away in the trunk, it's going to be fun!

today i got a copy of the new magazine and my name is in it. it's a small thing, but it's always exciting to see my name in print. i remember when someone wrote about my zine in their book and my parents went to the bookstore and bought it just so that they could read about their daughter. funny cuz it was the first time my mom said that she was proud of me. actually, it was more like "finally, you've done something good with your life". ah, parental love.

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