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April 07, 2003 - 1:07 pm

a momentus weekend indeed. life is good. great. grand. i have decided to take the plunge and move in with the boy on june 1st. we had serious discussions sunday and made plans, measured furniture and quarreled about paint colours. we talked seriously about our future and kids and marriage and a joint buisness and everything. i'm pretty excited. i'll be leaving my favorite hood for the next neighbourhood over. strathcona is the oldest neighbourhood in vancouver and one of the prettiest, but it ain't the most safest one either. luckily, its a safe building with loads of character and we'll each be paying $220 for each month for rent. it feels good.

saturday i worked at the movie theater and i watched a great documentary, "Etre Et Avoir", about a one room school house in northern france with a great teacher and great kids. if there is such a thing as a biological clock, i could feel it tick-tick-ticking during the movie.

right now, i am devoting today to clearing out my apartment of all kinds of junk. next weekend, my friend kristen and i are planning a huge garage sale and clearing out all sorts of goodies. big eyed kid and cat prints, vintage knick-knacks, japanese peko milky girl collections, vintage kitchenware, books, furniture, clothes, art supplies, the works! if you are in vancouver, email me and i'll give you the address and the details.

back to blaring donovan songs and cleaning and clearing. it's raining. i've got to stay in and keep busy! and i'll even work out later. oh yeah.

april 2003bonus: and this month's desktop calendar was inspired by audrey hepburn's "funny face" as i've got to "think pink!". download it now in 3 sizes: 1280x1024 :: 1024x768 :: 800x600

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