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March 04, 2003 - 11:48 pm

okay, i officially feel like my mother. i tried to set my new vcr to tape buffy and it failed. i don't understand! i've never had problems with programming vcrs or microwaves or anything! old age must be setting in dangerously quick. grrrrrrr. i really hope buffy was a repeat!

on an entirely different front, i just found a cheque from work from january! i always seem to forget about cheques and then find them weeks later. the boy thinks this is absolutely crazy since he has witnessed me do this several times, but i like to think of it as a lovely little surprise. it's not like i do it on purpose or anything....

at work today, the culture jamming magazine asked me if i could work full time for a few weeks so that they could have extra help as they plan on designing and launching a new website. i would totally love to but it would most likely go back to part time work after this busy period is finished with. so i couldn't quit my temp-agency strangle hold job at the corporate place and i really really want to. i love my job at the magazine soooo much. it's really the best place i've ever worked. everyone is super friendly and the entire atmosphere is very supportive and good. i just wish something would work out!!

my boss gave me some good feedback today since i guess i'm past my one month trial period. so please excuse me if i brag, but he said that i had a good knowledge of the web, was a quick learner on stuff i didn't know, worked quickly and was an all-round wonderful person. actually, he didn't say the last one, but i added it in to round things out. ha!

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