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March 04, 2003 - 10:25 am

yesterday i succeed in my goals. i had fun and i was productive. i did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, unclogged my drains, worked on my resume, rode my bike to value village, bought a pair of jeans for .99 cents and made a yummy dinner with the boy. phew!

but it doesn't end there. me and the boy decided to go to the kino cafe to see the 'golden wedding band'. i had never seen them before but the boy had and raved about them. unfortunately, last night they were without their lead singer, but it was still fun. we drank beer and played exiquisit corpse. i have never been to the kino before and it was pretty great. it was a large room with beautiful large and old jacques tati posters. it reminded me of this old bar in portland that kyla and i went to in the summer that played old school jamaican ska and everyone danced and was super friendly. i wish there was a kino-type place in my nighbourhood...which is the major peeve i have about living on the drive. regardless, it was a great night.

i have to work today and i even have to work at the theater tonight, which means i've got to remember to tape buffy. and speaking of buffy, i haven't seen the past 4 episodes. i am going through full buffy withdrawl.

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