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March 02, 2003 - 8:02 pm

a new month has begun and things aren't looking any better. i'm still sick and last night i suffered a mild case of food poisoning. i swear i will never again frequent a late night bout of desire for .99 cent pizza.

friday night me and the boy stayed in for awhile and painted some lovely watercolour paintings. here is the result.

after the painting, we went to havana to meet up with randy's lady friend who was celebrating a birthday. we had one beer before we decided that we would rather leave. we then went to the 24 hr store and bought these 2 items.

the rest of the weekend involved:

+a picnic in a mount pleasant park where we saw a poo sculpture. i'll spare the photo.
+a walk down main street.
+a party in strathcona in the lovely jackson building where the living room walls were fuschia.
+working at the movie theater where the tips were lousy and the short film that played before the feature starred a girl i went to high school with (who at the time was miss teen canada runner-up and starred later in a tampax commercial).
+lots of laying down.
+thinking about getting a new job to replace my corporate one just so that i could have more money to spend on trips and attain the rock n' roll life style that i deserve.
+a trip to the burnaby public library where i got the book "elementary particles" and several videos, including "georgy girl", "burden of dreams" and "the naked kiss".

oh yeah, and another strange thing. the p.y.t. showed up at my door unannounced on thursday. it was kinda weird seeing this boy whose heart i broke standing looking like cutestuff ever and me in my pjs looking horrid and not really caring. i guess he had heard that i was dating the boy and for that reason hadn't contacted me in a while cuz he had felt pretty bad about things. but that's what i get for dating someone 10 years my junior. yikes! (was that really me??) (and why does that sound so suddenly creepy??)

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