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March 03, 2003 - 10:18 am

it's early and i have a lot of things that i should be doing today. i should do my taxes and actually apply for a job and get together samples of my work and clean my bathroom and pick up the clothes that cover my floor. but it's sunny out. too sunny out. it feels like summer -- well at least from my closed window 3 stories up. and then there are things that i want to do. i want to ride my bike. i want to go to payless just cuz kristen called me yesterday saying that she bought some good shoes there and even tho i've never bought shoes at payless, i'm curious to see what they look like. i want to go to the gourmet warehouse. i want to go to value village. i'm not really sure what i'll end up doing today -- but if it involved something fun and something productive, i'd be really happy.

the boy swapped for a special edition of susperia on dvd 3 weeks ago on swappingtons and still hasn't received it. i think it must have gotten stalled at the border and that means he'll probably have to pay duty on it. that totally sucks. i remember watching susperia about 10 years ago and being totally creeped out by it and the music by the goblins was pretty fucking cool. the dvd comes complete with a goblins disc. i hope he gets it soon!!

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