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February 25, 2003 - 11:38 pm

i think the ol' penicillin is doing it's trick cuz i'm actually feeling a whole lot better. still coughing and weezing and snot all over, but waaaayyy better. really.

my sudden health turnaround could also be due to the very healthy and wonderful dinner me and the boy made last night. baked fish with lots of ginger and garlic, carrots, spinach and rice. mmmmm. soooo good. it was pretty fun cooking together and we've got to do it more often. we even danced between vegetable chops. fun fun!

i went to work at the magazine today and i even made it to my night job too. work was actually fulfilling today and i really hope that they have decided to keep me on. i think i had a one month probationary period and i think that period is almost up. i wanna stay! i want more hours! i like my job! so i could be a little more detail-oriented....i'm working on it. really!!

now i'll just pop my last med of the day and hop into bed and hope that the boy makes it to my house soon!

yay for feeling better!

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