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February 13, 2003 - 10:08 pm

i just got my hair cut and it's looking pretty fabulous. but it's the kind of hair that needs something more than pj bottoms and a hoodie. my hair dresser teased it and cut the bangs all slanted....so much so that at the shortest point, my bangs are only 1 millimeter long. and on the other side, they are about 2 inches long. it looks okay tho.

i still have to make a card for cornelius tonight. i don't know what we will be doing tommorrow night. all i know is that it involves a car. i'm kind of excited to be the one not making plans. and then saturday, will be even better. we have tentatively titled it "j__ + c___'s day of pleasure" -- and no, it's not what you're thinking. we'll start off the day at the tomahawk restaurant in north vancouver -- a total touristy throwback diner to the 1950's notion of native indian culture. then it's off to to see some vancouver street photography at presentation house. the rest of the plans are vague and that's a good thing. however, the day will end at the sug to see our friend's band play and hang out with all our friends. i'm excited!!

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