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February 16, 2003 - 6:41 pm

this was a wonderful and bliss-filled weekend! friday night the boy surprised me with a stay at a lovely old school motel. we ordered in take out and watched the michael jackson documentary and had that loving feeling. he also surprised me with the first 3 mcsweeny's magazines and the loveliest card.

the next day, we checked out of our love motel and drove out to north vancouver to the tomahawk for an over-priced and crappy omlette but enjoyed the diner's atmosphere and tacky decor. then we went to presentation house where we saw the most amazing exhibit of vancouver street photography. it was pretty amazing and anyone who lives in vancouver should go before the show ends on march 11 (that's an order!). lots of photographs from the 1950's through to the 1970's. it made me want to start my own photography club once again. sigh. but it also gave me many creative ideas that i know that i can actually implement.

afterwards we walked around the lame market at lonsdale key where we bought the most amazing loaf of caraway rye bread. mmmmm. we ended our little vacation in our own town by heading back to my place and reading the paper and doing the crossword together.

after a quick dinner of rye bread and cabbage salad, we hopped on our bikes and met kyla and headed to the sugar refinery where randy was waiting with the news of his engagement. it was pretty exciting. we saw loads of people we knew and drank just enough beer and watched the bands. it was a nice night.

here's some pictures. and click here to see a quicktime video of the motel's neon lights in action.

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