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February 12, 2003 - 10:10 am

yesterday i managed to have a completely fulfilling and enjoyable day at work and when i came home i got shit done. i baked 2 dozen heart shaped cookies that i made from scratch and taste yummy. i also made a chocolate cake for my friend's birthday on saturday that i decorated with pink icing and purple sugar sprinkles and pastel stars. so pretty. i even made some homemade fridge magnets for the boy. and i dropped off a bunch of cds for kyla who is making her american beau a mixed tape. i made sure i gave her a copy of destroyer's "canadian lover" and the mountain goats' "new star song" (which is my most favoritest song ever sung on this planet) with the line "i thought about you up in canada as the lightening storms lit up all downtown redding". i'd love to make my boy a mixed tape but he knows everything i have and his musical knowledge outshines even my extensive collection. i'll leave the mixed tape making to him. and speaking of master mixed tape makers, my friend randy got an email from none other than richard hell! why? well, i guess a week or so ago, there was a new york times article about mixed tape making and randy's "macbeth mix" (which i have him describe in my documentary on mixed tape making) was featured. richard hell was interested and wanted a copy. randy is the master. pretty fucking cool.

yesterday i received a swappington's postcard from dekalb, illinois. the boy swapped for one to be sent to me. the card features 2 ears of corn that look old and decrepit. it's a pretty swell card! and it's pretty funny cuz on monday i swapped for a postcard to be sent to him -- and he doesn't know about it! i hope he gets it this week!

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