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January 26, 2003 - 7:28 am

it's too early and i can't sleep. i guess i'm just nervous about getting shit done....or the realization that i've got lots of shit to do. and it certainly doesn't help that the boy didn't sleep over last night and that i have a pain in my belly which i believe is because i miss him already. yes, i am totally gross. as we realized on friday night at randy's party: we could easily be one of those couples that you hate. you know, the constant touching. the secrets. the sneaking kisses when no one is watching. yes, we are the gayest of coupledom gayness.

randy's party was great. there were lots of people there and it was good to see people i haven't seen in awhile. we drank loads of beer and i ate all of my favorite sushi (cream cheese and carrot / cream cheese and red pepper) and had veggie tempura. mmmmm. both kyla and anita made cakes involving records and anita's even had randy's face and torso (the record being the belly area). it was pretty sweet.

randy's party

yesterday, cornlieus and i tried to stave off hangover pains by staying in bed all day and watching movies. we started it off by reading the paper and eating freshly baked croissants and dove right in with viva los vegas and ended things nicely with the sweet smell of success. it was a great way to spend a rainy saturday day before i headed off to work. and work went well too, as i got to see the documentary 'life and debt' about jamaica's problems with the imf and globalization.

today i plan on writing up a contract, cleaning my apartment (yes, it's a never-ending battle) and finishing my portfolio redesign. i'm up for the challenge!

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