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January 27, 2003 - 12:00 pm

well i met with my client today and he paid me half of the payment upfront in cash. my pockets are filled with not only potential but cold, hard green. whooop! he seems like a nice guy who is putting a whole lotta faith in me and my designs. he has no constraints or suggestions....he just trusts that he'll love what i do. cornelius thinks that this is a dream job. no constraints and pure freedom. i think otherwise. someone putting all of their trust in you is pretty fucking scary. not only am i to design a site, but i have to come up with a flash intro and a logo design! ack. maybe i just need more faith in myself.

and speaking of more pressure, i have my second interview at the ad-culture-media bustin' magazine today with the editor in chief. i'm sure things will go okay. a second interview has got to mean good things.

i've got to start injesting something other than coffee and sugar, but it's hard when my cupboards are filled with italian espresso and pocky. my nerves are too jangley!

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