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January 23, 2003 - 6:39 pm

you know how yesterday i was filled with hope? well, today is a new day and my innards are gleaming with hope! it's true. i had a good day at work today...minus some bad computer action where my ancient pc kept crashing -- until my favorite tech guy igor came and replaced it with a new-ish machine. whooo! and then i spoke on the phone with the guy who wants me to design his site. i'm meeting him on monday morning to sign contracts and getting 50% of the money upfront. whooop! whooop! he told me that he wants his site "as cute as hell" and hence has hired me to do it. i knew my design style isn't only teenage girl appropriate! and tommorrow is randy's birthday and we are all going to our most favorite restaurant ever: the clubhouse. sushi and beer in our very own upstairs private room! i'm getting hungry already!

hope. bring it on!

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