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January 19, 2003 - 12:11 pm

yes, miz captain, things are strange around here. vancouver is tipping central. tip jars abound on every countertop, kiosk and cart. and yes, there is a tip jar at the repetory cinema where i work. one at the coffee station and one on each of the two popcorn concessions. we used to be able to threaten customers by putting silly signs on our tip bowls that read things like "tip big or else the tony danza film festival starts next week", but management didn't like that and now our bowls just read "tips". there is a tip jar at the video store where i rent movies. there is a tip jar at the store where i buy my morning americano. there's even a tip jar at the corner store. how about you, miss skypie, is there a tip jar at your movie theater?

[and as a sidebar to miss skypie: i too have noticed the word "adaption" when people refer to "adaptation". so yesterday, me and the boy looked it up in the dictionary, and adaption isn't a word. so even though 'adaptation' hasn't come to my lil' 1920's built rep house theater where i work, when it does (and by god, if i'm still working there), i'll make sure to correct people left and right. why? cuz i'll be damn surly by that time and to criticize others will be a much needed release.]

so last night, after i had served loads and loads of popcorn to customers, i abandoned ship and went in to see 'bowling for columbine'. i really really liked it. i generally am a fan of michael moore, but i do get occassionally annoyed by his 'antics'. there was only one such antic in the film, so all in all, i was pretty pleased. it was pretty timely in terms of warfare and it also made me feel pretty good to be a canadian. yes, it's true, we don't lock our doors. but then again, we do (especially in this city) have our problems with drugs. as i came home last night i noticed another sign posted with all the rock posters that warned users about some potentially dangerous heroin on the streets. and seeing people shoot up or smoke crack in doorways is practically a daily occurance. at least i never fear walking around at night.

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