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January 20, 2003 - 1:27 pm

i woke up this afternoon with no voice. yes, that's right, this afternoon. i'm sick. i have the day off and i am entitled to sleep however long i like, dammit! especially after i beat the pants off cornelius at scrabble last night. actually, he led most of the game with an almost 100 point lead. i had really shitty racks consisting of all or mostly vowels and 1 point letters for the first half of the game. but then i started kicking ass and ended up winning the game by 4 points. i kick scrabble ass! actually, i'm quite competitive and depending upon my mood i can get rather surley if i don't get my way. thankfully, i won fair and square and hoots of joy were heard all 'round the apartment. cornelius took pictures of the board but he hasn't uploaded them yet, so maybe later i'll post a picture or two.

yesterday was pretty shitty. i felt sorry for myself most of the day. i rented the sopranos just so i'd have something to watch while i weeded out clutter and papers, but i ended up falling asleep and wondering why i haven't heard from my friends in what seemed like ages. it was a bad day. i think just being sick is amplifying everything bad in my life. i just want to feel better about things. starting now!!

okay, one good thing: my dream shoes will be mine! the three strap velcro rocketdogs in black that i had to throw out in december cuz they had fallen to peices will be mine again. a store called me to let me know they had just received an order and is saving me a pair in my size. whoooo! goodness starts with good shoes!

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