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January 18, 2003 - 4:16 pm

so i'm sitting here in my shade-drawn apartment in the middle of a saturday afternoon. i'm sick (still). i'm wearing a smart combination of black underwear, a purple gap long sleeved t-shirt and a black short-sleeved tee over top. and pink socks. my apartment is warm and comfy, as are my blankets and my bed. sadly, in just a couple of hours i will have to pull on some jeans and tie up my vans and head off to sneeze cold germs and snot all over people's popcorn tonight. luckily they are showing a michael moore double bill and the tips (like last night) should be big. it's not like the other night, during the motown documentary where the crowd was filled with SUV drivers with white hair and the tipping was slim. or worse, the double bill of baraka and koyaniskatsi where the smelly, dreadlocked hippies brought there own food and asked for plastic cutlery. a twenty-one cent tip and a plastic fork in your eye, you uninspired mongrel!

all i want to do is remain in bed and stroke my boy's tummy, slurping benelyn cold syrup like a misspent youth.

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