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September 16, 2002 - 5:53 pm

i've come to an earth-shattering conclusion. work sucks. okay, so i have known that fact for quite a while now, but i've experienced it first hand again. today i started my first day as a temp working for the RCMP in surrey (ie. hell, british columbia). before i started today, i thought to myself, "if it sucks, it will be okay. it's only a 2 week placement". ha! what in the world was i thinking? first of all, it takes close to an hour to commute to get to work at 8am. the transit fare costs $8/day and considering that my hourly wage is not very high, the whole thing probably works out to just over minimum wage. the job itself is horridly boring mind-numbing data entry. and to make matters worse, my temping partner, kirk, makes the personalized windows computer program seem like a thrilling companion. i thought all "kirks" were supposed to be fun and reckless as they sport their micheiveous grins a la kirk cameron from 'growing pains'. someone did not fill this fellow the secret joys of his namesake. anyway, i think 2 weeks of this job will be hell. but given the circumstances, i need this job. i have $60 in my wallet and nothing left in the bank (except october's rent -- and i can't touch that). so suffer in the hellfires i will.

(but my fingers will be crossed for the toronto job).

on a related note, i called my cable company to cancel my cable television but keep my high-speed internet connection. i don't really watch that much television and most days i don't even turn it on so i thought that by doing this, i would be cutting down on some considerable bills. ha! because i have some special package deal, cutting out the cable i have now and keeping only the internet connection would only save me $10 a month!!!!!! that's nothing! so i suppose i will have to suffer with my friends at trading spaces and nigella and jamie oliver for a little bit longer. i can live with that!

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