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September 13, 2002 - 5:04 pm

i'm drinking an ice cold coca cola right now and it tastes like the best thing in the world. for a while, i decided that i had been drinking too much coke. i switched to drinking lots of club soda, water and juice. and it was pretty good. but nothing -- NOTHING -- tastes as good as an icy cold coke. pop vs. soda? it's pop all the way!!

yesterday i added a new entry in my diary and then quickly erased it. i had wanted to show off my flash card that i made for the big ad guy (it really is cute), but then i realized that it had the address to my portfolio site which lists my full name, address, phone number and other vitals. i'm sure everyone reading this is lovely and respectful and not capable of stalking and murdering a helpless canadian girl, but i thought it better to err on the side of paranoia. so there. on a related note, the big ad guy liked my card. wheeeee!

yesterday i had an interview with a web design company. their corporate site was pretty boring and staid and their clients included bryan adams and rhona rhaskin. i was surprised that their office was in a huge home in port coquitlam. i understand the need for cutting costs after the dot.com bomb, but it was a bit odd. i think the interview went well and yes, i sent a thank you note and a different little homemade flash card. i am bound to get a job soon. i just know it.

on monday, i will start a two week temp assignment for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police working in their commercial crime division. it will be my first job in over a year, but i'm actually excited about it. well, actually, i am excited to pay for my phone, cable and hydro bills this month. and maybe get a chinese dinner delivered too. yes, this is what i get excited about these days.

today cornelius bought me a lovely reproduced chinese cigarette ad poster from the 1920's. it's so lovely. it pictures 2 young girls in an embrace smoking. it is weirdly beautiful and downright strange. i love it.

i got an email from the beautiful becca saying that she might come to vancouver next weekend! kyla and i met her enroute to the portland zine fair and we both loved her instantly. she is one hella cool lady. come up from seattle lady!!

this weekend is a strange one. usually friday nights mean lots of beer and good times with the friday night crew (beers and tears since 2001!). but everyone is out of town. kyla is in edmonton. randy is in whistler. patsy is in langly. even kristen is taking a road trip into the interior! cornelius is working tonight and has a wedding to go to tommorrow. i could call up dan and pam and go out or even some other good friends, but i am actually excited to hang out all by myself. i want to clean up my apartment, perhaps rent a movie and pop some popcorn. i want rancho relaxo right in my very own lil' bachelorette pad! it will happen.

oh yes. today is all about rock and breaking the law.

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