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August 19, 2002 - 9:51 am

thoughts. [i don't usually care who reads my diary or not. i like when people sign my guestbook or list me as one of their favorites. but i don't like when someone i know (or a former co-worker who i hardly know) reads my diary and doesn't sign my guestbook to let me know that they stumbled here during a boring workday. i guess having a sitemeter is both a blessing and a curse. i'm glad people read this but i always know when people i don't want reading this are reading this. it's easy to read someone else's diary. i mean, it is online afterall. it's public. i'm aware of the risks. i've been found out before. true, there is nothing in here that can't be found in any of my zines, but somehow i always find it a bit unnerving.]

let regularly scheduled programming begin immediately.

realizations. 1. i'll be really sad when my keihl's blue toner runs out. i have to get a well-paying job before this monumental event occurs.
2. watching an old man get a blowjob from a teenage prostitute whilst i pick wild blackberries with kyla on a sunny and hot sunday afternoon in my favorite strathcona spot is not pleasant. hurling "dirty old man" and "fucker" at the old man as his tires squeal past us, doesn't make us feel any better.
3. knowing that i live near the "kiddie stroll" doesn't make me feel too good about my neighbourhood sometimes. seeing that dirty fuckers find my diary on google by typing in "vancouver kiddie stroll" doesn't make me feel good either.
4. diving into blackberry bushes with short pants and short sleeves i become accutely aware of the phrase "pleasure and pain".
5. sometimes when you see someone up close after only seeing them from afar or seeing them on stage and assuming that they are dead cute can sometimes be a dead wrong assumption.
6. mixing blackberries, fresh lime juice, ice, club soda, and sugar syrup in a blender makes a refreshing drink. i'm sure the addition of alcohol would make it even better.
7. i am familiar with this band and their bass players.
8. i am not familiar with anyone in this band, but man, they are good.

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