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August 16, 2002 - 1:33 pm

ah, i love john darnielle. don't you?

there are some days when finding good food from your cupboards and refridgerator seem almost impossible. this is a common problem to the unemployed who buy expensive shoes and lots of beer, hence my expertise on making something out of nothing. for example, it is lunch time and i am hungry. what do i do? i have some pita bread, some cheddar cheese (i bought 80 cents worth at the local deli), rock salt and some pickles. mmmmm. a salty pickle cheese pita pizza! yum! this is just one of my many miraculous food transformations. tumble a variety of ingredients together, add heat and mmm, an instant lunch or dinner! just imagine what i can do with peanut butter and a microwave!
and i'm still waiting for my cheque from the cbc! grrrrrrrrr.

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