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August 15, 2002 - 9:45 pm

so today i met andrew, who graced me with an up north lil' afternoon roundabout from his makeout partner in seattle. oh, he is just the sweetest thing and he doesn't even have a bit of the ol' texas twang! we ate a vegan lunch at a hippy restaurant, shopped up a storm at zulu records, and laughed at the stupid people at kits beach. we even dipped our toes in the ocean. we're crazy like that. we also drove alot and hung out in my bachelorette pad where he made fun of my canadian accent (canadians do not say "aboot". it is so not true! just ask him!!) i had much fun and he is funny and a super cutie-pie. he is a sweet, sweet boy and i just hope he moves to seattle. andrew, the pacific northwest is calling your name!

in other news, the p.y.t. came over last night for an ice-cream date. we got some gelato and scrounged around some blackberry bushes in my secret strathcona spot to decorate our cones. mmmm. he then drove me around stanley park and we laughed and acted silly and he asked me to marry him about a million times. he is joking of course. i said no way jose about a million times, of course. we wanted to see the meteor showers that have been hailing the nighttime skies of late, but the city lights are too bright and his gas tank was too empty to try to escape into the darkness. oh well, i had to make due with hand-holding and kissing during red lights. yeah, so i don't know what is going on with this but i'm having fun and staying chill-chill (as the p.y.t. likes to say).

song: how it goes by the for stars. it's pretty outside and this is a pretty song. i'll close my eyes and pretend to see stars.

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