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August 14, 2002 - 9:57 am

so i have just come back from the government job interview. it was the fucking strangest interview that i have ever had. i think i did well (except i left out something important during the role-playing exercise. yup, role-play), but then again, my assumptions are generally wrong. who knows. unfortunately, they won't be deciding anything until mid to late september, and i can't go on living my life of leisure for that long anyhow. i have to get a job. i need a job soon! hire me someone, dammit!! or i could buckle down (one of my dad's favorite phrases) and cruise on through straight until october or november if i choose to live like a pauper. which i don't think is possible. yesterday i bought a pair of lovely lovely $100 shoes pictured here. yes, $100 is in canadian funds and the store only carried them in black and brown (i bought black), but i would have gotten red if i would have known. sigh. so yes, i don't think i can live like a pauper, especially when there are red shoes out there to buy.

yesterday, kyla accompanied me on my journey for good shoes -- i justified them as my new interview shoes, so it was worth every penny. after looking at shoes and wishing we were made of money, we headed out to subeez for beer and natchos. we are classy ladies indeed. she regaled me with tales of portland and i hoped and prayed for the gov't job so that we could take many more trips together. our plan is next summer take a few months off and drive throughout the states and make a documentary, take lots of pictures and start many art projects. it's our goal! we then biked home with a stop off at la casa gelato where we ate 2 scoops of gelato (mine: coconut chocolate chip and marzipan) and mused about our futures and boys and making out. i also filled her in on the not-so-secret young boy i've been making out with again. mmmmm. the p.y.t. is making me swoon again. we'll see.

and andrew called me up last night and will come and visit me this afternoon! my first face-to-face diaryland meeting. it should be fun. i hope i won't get too drunk and miss my job interview tommorrow! ha!!

song: cutting grass by clinic. it's helping with my mania.

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