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August 12, 2002 - 9:57 am

so i'm looking for jobs and practicing my interview skills like a demon. i will get a job. i will! i will! i have been imbuded with a new-found positivity! okay, i don't really know if that much is true, but i am feeling better about things generally. it's good to know that others are feeling the same way too. yay life!

here is a real snippet from a job ad i found this morning: "RECEPTIONIST needed for a totally awesome veterinary hospital located in a really cool area." like, ohhh, i like so looooove little dogs!! now how gay is that? and here's a musical tribute: song for a future generation by chicks on speed. play it loud! play it proud!

so i now have 2 interview this week. the well-paying canadian gov't job and a crap paying temp job. hmmmmm. let's keep our fingers crossed for the high-paying fed job, oui? mai oui!!

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