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August 10, 2002 - 11:34 am

i decided not to go to portland at approximately 12:16 am last night. it was a tough decision -- and thank you good people who signed my guestbook. kyla even left a message at 12:26 am pleading me to change my mind and go to portland. it made for a rough decision. the road trip would have been nice and yes, portland would have been great i'm sure. it's just that my mind is preoccupied with my government job interview at 8am wednesday morning. i'm putting a lot of stock into this job and i don't want to blow it. sure it's just a crappy administration job but the pay cheque is enormous and would allow me to pay off my student loan lickety-split and will afford me many weekend trips! i don't want to blow it, so i plan on being very prepared. interviews scare the hell out of me. the most dreaded part of the interview? when they ask if i have any questions. now, this is where i need the most help! what do you say to a gov't clerical job?? any ideas and tips?? cuz i know i'll just say something stupid and i'm sure there will be plenty of ummms and ahhhs thrown in for desperate measure. please sign my guestbook with appropriate job-getting questions and i'll love you forever!!!

song today: back for more

one of my favorite vancouver bands, p_____ano is playing a west coast tour (say hi to my friend justin the drummer!) they are great great great!!! and they are playing with jerk with a bomb, another vancouver favorite (check out the cute drummer!). here are the tour dates:
13 Tue - Anacortes, WA @ the Business
8/14 Wed - Seattle, WA @ Graceland
8/15 Thu - Portland, OR @ Andrew's house
8/16 Fri - Santa Cruz, CA @ tba
8/17 Sat - Oakland, CA @ 639 Aileen Street, 7pm
8/18 Sun - San Luis Obispo, CA @ zpie (1521 osos st #4)
8/19 Mon - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (tbc)
8/20 Tue - Los Angeles, CA @ Sea Level Records 7pm
8/21 Wed - San Diego, CA @ Honey Bee Hive
8/22 Thu - San Francisco, CA @ Kimo's, SF w/ Golden Ticket, Madelia
8/23 Fri - Portland, OR @ Melanie's house/Fast Forward (6616 NE MLK)
8/24 Sat - Seattle, WA @ Saw Gallery

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