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August 04, 2002 - 9:53 am

so at approximately 10pm tonight, the portland boy will be arriving at my humble bachelorette suite in the sky. he is driving six hours just to see me and i'm terrified. i'm excited too, but i just can't tell which feeling is coming out ahead in the race of my freak-outs. who will be the winner? nobody knows!

how did i spend my weekend? well, kyla came over friday and i made her a yummy all-out chicken dinner with all the fixin's to soothe her sad soul. she's the recipient of bad news and good food and company and beer managed to eek out the pain. or maybe it was the dancing at a party later that night where we didn't know a soul and couldn't care less. yes, i think that was it. and maybe it was the drunken bike ride back home which was made perfect because of the downhill ride. oh yea.

saturday was spent with kyla at the metrotown library picking up some videos and david sedaris' "me talk pretty one day". we then headed to the beer store to make sure we had stock for the long weekend ahead. we even managed a trip to the lovely 'gourmet warehouse' where i bought some macaroons and my favorite salad dressing. mmmmm. i debated going out at night with kyla and randy, but the comfort of home was stronger. i felt that i needed to chill for a bit and take some time to myself as my space was soon to be invaded for the next three days. i love my privacy! i do. i do.

so now i will drink my hot coffee and watch trading spaces and eat cereal.

whooo life!

today's cheerful ditty is by the heartbeats: little latin lupe lu. keep yer groove on.

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