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August 02, 2002 - 9:18 am

things are better or at least i feel better about things. cornelius isn't creeping me out anymore cuz i have chosen to not see hiim for a while. last night i got a call from the p.y.t. and we had a nice friendly chat. it felt good again and made me slightly enamoured with his goodness. the portland boy also called and we spoke before heading to bed. i can't wait. only three more days!!!! count me nervous and excited!! and andrew is coming to visit me! whoooooo! i'm very excited. my very first diaryland face to face meet. oh boy!

i did kick ass at the government exam cuz i got a call saying that i have been granted an interview for august 14th! i'm pretty excited. show me the money! and i am also getting a huge cheque from my old job....some sort of retroactive back pay! what perfect timing is that? i am a lucky girl.

i've been thinking better about things and life since i saw "13 conversations about 1 thing" the other day. it made me feel positive and that there just might be some sort of meaning in life. its a good feeling to hold.

everyone needs some bobby conn. so here you go. rawk on winners! rawk on positivity!

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