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July 21, 2002 - 11:12 pm

i'm all clean and minty fresh. hello civilization! i loved camping and nature and all that good stuff, but wearing a dress and smelling like my yummy soap is something i'm going to cherish right now.

on friday, kyla, randy and i drove out of vancouver and into the wilds of b.c. our first stop: taco bell in squamish. 2 chalupas to go, thank you very much and on with the show. our campsite was at birkenhead lake, 4 hours north of vancouver. it was beautiful. we set up the tent in near-dark while drinking beers and eating smores by our roaring fire. we smoked some funny cigarettes and watched the blanket of stars over head. despite the hot, hot days the nights were fucking cold! thank god for our supreme firemaking ablities and woolen sweaters.

we woke up the next morning with hot coffee, bacon and eggs and cinnamon buns heated over the fire. bare bones camping this was not. we decided to go for a hike and take advantage of the glacier lake that bordered the campground. the hike was nice but finding our own secluded tiny beach was the highlight of the trip. it had been ages since i've been swimming and jumping in and out of the cold water swimming around and shreiking like idiots was perfect summer fun time! we laid on the beach and got our white bodies nice and pink and i managed to only get 3 mosquito bites. back at the campsite, we gorged ourselves on burgers and drank a half and half mixture of cheap beer and clamato juice. yum! don't knock it til you've tried it.

on the drive back home, i was dreading entering civilization. this is my last planned vacation of the summer. i have approximately two months left of savings which means that i've got to find a job pretty soon. this week has got to be a serious job hunt and i dread it. i don't want a stupid office job. i don't want to take something that pays less than i'm used to. plus, i hate work. sigh.

welcome me home, civilization!

cornelius put my favorite song of the moment on our server. download and don't hate me for it.

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