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July 19, 2002 - 7:15 am

i haven't had my haircut in ages. i can't really remember when it last was done. february or march, perhaps? it's been a long time. my hair is long which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's no longer the snappy lil' bob that i wear so well. good grooming comes with having money and a job. i have neither.

on wednesday, before the blinding light show took place, kyla and i went to incendio's for pizza. incendio's is full of well-groomed individuals with loads of money. they had something we obviously didn't have. we couldn't place our fingers on it right then, but i can speculate on a few things. those people get their hair cut every 6 weeks (or less), get professionally done hi-lites and dye jobs, get their clothes pressed and cleaned at dry cleaners and would never wear second hand clothes. they are small things, but boy do they make a big difference. although i'm quite content with my bathroom dyejob, value village clothes, vintage eye-glasses and my going-on-5-month hairdoo, i resent always being pegged as the "creative, quirky" girl. i think these things all help to make me feel less like an adult. people are always telling me that they are surprised when i tell them my age....they always think i'm much younger. it's flattering, sure, but it would be nice to be thought of as a competent adult. i guess i'd need a good job (or any job) and a well-organized apartment for that to be true. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

i've got a lot to do before today's camping trip. because i don't have my new video compressed for the web yet, i'll just let you enjoy the song i used without the visuals. it's erase you by esg. listen to it loud!

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