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June 27, 2002 - 11:18 am

i miss a day and i have so much to say. big adventures took place. tears were shed. hugs were given. ah, all in a days living.

yesterday the sun was bright and hot at a glorious 30 degrees. cornelius and i decided to forgo working on the blinding light site and instead planned for a day of nature. he picked me up at 10 am, loaded the car up with mixed tapes and bought some breakfast provisions. we drove to 'cates park' in north vancouver where we sat on the beach eating our nosh, chatting and getting pink. it was beautiful. we then hopped back in the car listening to the sea and cake very loudly and drove into deep cove. we walked around for a bit and i took a few photographs and then decided that driving was much more fun. we headed up to the top of seymour mountain with the rolling stones blaring in our eardrums. we ended the trip at la casa gelato for some much needed ice cream. we even got in a bit of work. cornelius helped me figure out some programming for my new portfolio site. work and play. it's all good.

kyla called me up when she got home from work and asked me out to dinner (her treat). i gladly accepted. tuna burgers and lemoney beer. mmmm. i actually could feel tears well up in my eyes as i told kyla about how i hate not having a job and money and my disappointment at having to go back to applying for office jobs, as if i had learned nothing in school. it was the first time i had cried in a long while and crying over beers with a good girlfriend can be a welcome activity.

as the tears dried, we found ourselves back at my apartment and made plans with randy for a bike ride into downtown. randy wanted to see the cinch at the railway and kyla and i were leaning more towards seeing john rae at miss t's. randy and his guilt trip won out. it was a fine time but i'm sure miss t's would have been a better time....but the bike ride was certainly worth it. randy and i ended up chatting on the street corner before i headed into my building and once again, the faucet started to drip. more tears. no beers. bah. randy gave me hugs as the rain started to fall. i arrived home and listened to my messages and smiled when i heard the p.y.t.'s voice. i had missed his call. i miss him. sleep came easily.

today i've got to work on my resume again. i've applied for crappy temp jobs. and it's raining outside. here is the song of the day. cornelius picked my favorite lambchop song. it seems very appropriate today. enjoy your fucking sunny day.

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