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June 25, 2002 - 10:23 am

yesterday was not the most fun of summer days. i think i only left the house at 6pm to return a late book at the library. i spent most of the day working on my portfolio, looking for jobs and waiting for the phone to ring and the magical words to appear that would say, "you are the most wonderful and talented girl in all of vancouver. we would be honoured to have you work for us for an exhorbitant sum of money and full benefits." needless to say, this call never came. i did however manage to paint my crummy old ikea coffee table that had been given to me ages ago. today i think i'll paint some red squares or circles to it. i can't figure out if i'm feeling more round or square today. it's a toss up.

at midnight i had just finished reading issue #11 of dream whip (a great travel zine) and my door buzzer rang. it was boy. i'm smiling like a moron right now just thinking of him. he came up to say hello and give me backrubs and kisses before he headed home. i love that he makes my apartment in east vancouver a lovely detour from his studies at sfu in burnaby before he heads home to coquitlam. i can't get over in my head that he likes me. it just seems so silly. i'm in awe that he thinks of me in the same gushy way that i think of him. he is so beautiful and perfect in the way a 22 year old boy should be. what can he see in a 32 year old girl like me? when he tells me that i smell phenomenal (and i don't even wear perfume) or that i'm cute and sexy and cool, i'm in constant amazement. he's only dated "scrawney black-haired girls" in the past and i'm about as far away from that as you can get. but, whatever. i'm having so much fun and feeling this kinda love (tho i am hesitant to use that 4letter word) seems so new and undiscovered. i woke up this morning to his phone call. mmmm. today will have to be a better day.

today's gem from cornelius is beat the clock by sparks. disco dance around your office and swing and sashay down to the water cooler. i'm sure it will make your day fly by. if you have the new imperial teen album (and i don't know why you even would have it), listen to it real loud. it's pretty amazing. i got it free from merge months ago and i can't believe how great the songs are. it's made for summer.

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