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June 29, 2002 - 11:05 am

i'm missing more and more entries here....you'd think that i was up to something big in my daily life or that the job offers were pouring in. sadly that is not the case. yesterday i spent all day redoing my portfolio site. it's looking pretty kick ass. i'm hoping it should be up by canada day. it's going to be the colour of neopolitan ice cream: lots of chocolate, strawberry and cream. my current portfolio is all brown, cream, baby blue and mint. very pretty, but not very lean and mean. that's what i'm going for. yesterday i was obessed. i was coding and designing like a mad woman. i felt like i did back at school. i had that funny feeling in my stomach that kept telling me to keep working. i listened and got a lot accomplished.

as the evening rolled around i was ready for an evening of beers and good friends. the p.y.t. called and said he was coming over. i felt a bit anxious and strange that he would meet my friends earlier than expected. he would have met them anyway this sunday at a party and i would have been fine with that. but this was more intimate. me, randy, kyla and the boy in my bachelorette suite playing scrabble, drinking beer and listening to music. i felt a bit strange the whole evening. i am so liking the p.y.t. but i became so conscious of his age with my friends around. he is a young 22 year old and he certainly looks his age. oh well, i like him and i normally don't consider his age at all when we hang out. i just wonder what my friends thought of him. hmmmmm. we'll see.

portland is closer to becoming a reality. i screenprint the cover of my zine tommorrow and i'm about to receive a $250 cheque from 120 seconds.com cuz they will license one of my short films to play on their site. whoooo! i'm so very excited. thank you very much to this lady for all of her portland help.

today's musical interlude is brought to you by linda scott, i've told eve. it's a good one with lots of da da da's and doo-wops. it'll make you feel really pretty, so play it loud and smile lots. you deserve it. while you're at it, why not bake some chocolate cupcakes. strangely enough they are vegan (if you don't make the icing) and delicious and easy to make. i made them the other day and just added water instead of the coffee (cuz i'm broke enough) and they turned out fine. yummy.

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