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June 24, 2002 - 12:55 pm

it's been a busy morning. i've applied for several jobs and called someone back to arrange an interview for a videographer / editor position. kyla also sent me a link for a gov't job which i am totally qualified for...gov't = big cash. i so need money. i hope i get a job soon. i've even started applying for office temp jobs. i'll take almost anything now. when i had my brilliant interview last week, the guy interviewing me said that he had received over 450 resumes in 3 days!! being a web designer/developer in vancouver is way beyond competitive. today i even applied for a job in toronto. i don't want to live in that hot sweaty town, but i'm getting more desperate by the day.

i'm getting back into my poor girl routine again and living like i used to years ago when i worked at a record store for minimum wage and and the time i lived on unemployment insurance. these are not happy times financially as my savings are depleting quickly. i've been taking my empty beer and soda bottles back to the store in exchange for cash. i used to just throw them out by the dumpster for the old chinese lady to collect, but i'm pretty hurting for cash right now. i go grocery shopping once a day and just buy what i need for that day. this way, i don't waste any food by having me forget about some broccoli at the back of my fridge. i'm no longer buying coke (oh this is hard) or gingerale and i'm making ice tea from scratch and drinking apple juice. healthy and cheap! and no junk food either. thankfully kyla came by yesterday with a bag of smart food and some coca-cola to share. i love my junk-food-toting friends!

life is kinda funny. we seem to need at least the following three things to make life seem livable and happy: a good job, good love, and a good home. i've got two out of the three and so do most people i know. kyla is missing out on the love, patsy, meesoo and randy are missing out on the job (and i'd vote randy's apartment as pretty questionable too). these are strange times.

and speaking of my apartment, tho i love it more and more everyday, yesterday i noticed a leak coming from my bathroom ceiling. today a man came by and tore up my ceiling with his bare hands. there is now a huge hole in my bathroom and it will stay that way until a plumber can come by to fix the leak. so right now, the loud hum of my fridge is competing with the drip-drop noise of the water leak into a pail.

please, please, please let something good happen. i think the song of the day will have to be, please please please, let me get what i want by the smiths. it can be nothing else.

and today's downloadable nuggett from cornelius is mojo man by the zoobombs. enjoy it cuz my plumber hated it.

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