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June 23, 2002 - 10:03 am

i'm so giddy. the p.y.t. came over last night and stayed the night. ah, we are having so much fun together. i find it pretty amazing that we are so compatible. our conversations are fun and easy and we are both very attracted to each other. it's so perfect! who would have thought i'd find such a perfect boy at the sugar refinery! next sunday randy is dj-ing a party at justin's, so i think i'll bring the p.y.t. and finally introduce him to my friends.

ah, life is good. it would be even better if my building had any water, but the water is shut off right now, so that means no coffee for me. i may have to head out for one. yes, i think i definitely will and maybe i'll pick up some of my favorite banana/chocolate cake too. sounds too good. thankfully, we had our shower earlier this morning when water was plentiful, so i'm all clean and fresh.

plans for later: see 'the fast runner' with randy.

song #3 is by ivor cutler called sleepy old snake. and yes, it is as fucked up as it sounds. enjoy!

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