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June 12, 2002 - 9:25 am

so i loved that mexican movie where the hot-t boys wore pumas and jerked off poolside and made out at the end. beautiful. oh yes. i went by myself and all was good. when i came home, the door buzzer rang a few minutes later and the p.y.t. unexpectedly stopped by. we decided to go for a drive into stanley park and make out. it was loads of fun. we listened to billy bragg at high volumes and kissed at red lights. he is such a bad driver that i find it very endearing. he ran over a curb as we tried to figure out if the 2 boys that were smiling at us were gay. yes they were. haha. we are so gay. he walked me to my door at the end of the night and we kissed goodnight. he called me when he got home to say that he had lots of fun. ah, this is going to be one great summer.

so right now i'm watching the dating story on tlc and everyone looks so young and it doesn't help that they are obviously at their parent's house and they are talking about being at the age where they should be settling down and i just sit here thinking about my 22 year old boyfriend and roll my eyes.

how's that for a run-on sentence?

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