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June 11, 2002 - 7:41 pm

so i should be designing a template for a very special lady, but instead i've been working on a community site that i started this afternoon. please check it out here. i don't think it was my hippy bread for lunch or the fact that i wore goddammed flip flops to the library today, but i'm feeling very community-minded....or as community-minded as i'll ever be. so, if you want to start a diaryland swapmeet, check out my new site. yup.

back to the flip flops. i'm not a fan but i do own a pair cuz they're great for around the house. but i had them on today and i realized that the library was closing soon and i had some videos to return. so i flip flopped all the way to the library just a few blocks away. never, ever will i wear flip flops in a library. it was so quiet that all i could here was my goddammed feet!! so yea, down with flip flops.

right now, i'm deciding if i should go see "mama y tambien" all by myself tonight. i hear it's a very sexy movie and i don't know if i should be getting all hot and bothered by myself. hmph, but that's never stopped me before.


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