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June 13, 2002 - 10:41 am

yesterday was one of the best days in the history of summer.

i rode my bike out to main street to meet kyla. it was hot hot hot out and the breeze felt good on my skin. i almost got hit by a police car and when i yelled at him for not looking at where he was going, he yelled back that i should be wearing a helmet. fuck the police. riding a bike, i have become quite a loud, vocal person. you wouldn't recognize me. or you'd think i was drunk.

we went to eugene choo and checked out all the lovely lovely clothes and kyla bought a beautiful sleeveless t-shirt. we then headed to the main for beers and food. we sat on the patio and basked in the glory of the sun with our two pitchers of lightening wheat ale with lemon slices. it was at this moment, when i realized that i had belived all day that it was thursday. our waitress corrected me into reality by stating that today was wednesday. ah, the life of the unemployed! i even liked the fresh tomatoes that came with our feta plate. and i usually hate tomatoes. they were the taste of summer. i wished all tomatoes tasted that good. maybe it was all the olive oil and herbs and feta sprinkled on top. mmmmmm good.

after we got good and drunk we rode our bikes to cheryl's house to participate in kyla's 'girl's night' to watch the season finale of buffy the vampire slayer. oh, it was an exciting ending! i can't wait until next season. televison can be that good. and speaking of bad television, i just saw a tv commercial for k-mart that uses a nico song in it's ad!!!! what the fuck is up with that??!!

the bike ride home was amazing. besides being all downhill, the night air was warm and fresh on our skin. i could have rode for hours.

today i will try and meet my friend pam and pick up a painting that she has for me. it is the most wonderful painting ever and it is my goal to fill my apartment with her art. i might even paint my walls today. maybe.

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