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June 08, 2002 - 1:02 pm

it's sunny out and i'm a little hungover. nothing new for a saturday morning. last night we watched the lakers cream the nets. oh, it was sad. the nets just can't seem to get anything going. another lakers victory in the works. again. we did get a round of free drinks from the owner (he's a laker fan who prolly pittied us). more beer. i'm okay with that.

we were already fucked up drunk when we left the beatty and rode our bikes to the sugar refinery, where we drank even more. lots of good bands, tho. the first performer sounded so much like the mountain goats (and believe me, i'm okay with that) that he opened with one of their songs. hooray! next up was nick's band. so good and noisy. then was the best band. they sang traditionals and did a rolling stones cover. kinda like palace brothers. really, really, really good. i was literally blown away. frog eyes played last and i'm not a huge fan, but it was fun.

justin was there and he was so drunk. not only did he put his arms around me constantly, often times he was putting his arms under my shirts and grabbing me. um, he is married. but harmless, so i didn't try to fight him. plus he's the drummer in church pants (our band: kyla, randy, justin and me). go church pants! we might even have a practice tonight. maybe. there is also a barbeque and a party to go to later today. maybe i'll just stay home and chat with the p.y.t. actually, that is exactly what i'd love to do. sigh.

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