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June 06, 2002 - 5:37 pm

is this the longest day in the history of days? i think so. i guess this is what happens when you get up at the crack of dawn. no wonder those folks on little house on the prairie went to bed so early. yeesh. i thought it was around 9pm already. man.

after i gorged myself on french toast for breakfast, i got dressed in a skirt and my cute ben shermans and headed out to the metrotown library cuz that's where all the action is. i got a couple of videos -- mostly documentaries that i've seen before, but i did get "the third man" that i've haven't seen. i'm kinda excited. i also decided to check out old navy since i was so close to the mall. let me tell you, old navy sucks. everything fits badly and isn't as cheap as i had expected. maybe that's cuz i'm used to checking out old navy in bellingham, WA. sigh. i didn't have any money to shop for anything anyway. grrrrr. i didn't even want to stop into zara's. that would be tempting the fates. and then, when i got home, i stumbled upon this site. it ain't romantic being poor. once again, more lies from the little house on the prairie bigwigs.

shortly after i came home, i got a call about a job interview. finally. i can't even really remember what the job details were...but it had something to do with administration and website stuff. and it's for the government too. big bucks. ha. the interview is on monday and i don't think i have a thing to wear. i'll search my closet on the weekend and buy some new shoes. this is a good reason for shopping. right? right. i've got to be comfortable cuz the interview will last 80 minutes....40 minutes of written tests and 40 minutes of oral testing. ack. in case you are not aware, i hate tests. i am a bad test taker. i even suck at online quizzes. it's true!

anyway, i did get a business card done for me and for cornelius. i did do a quick job search. i did do laundry. i did some new designs. and i will do some coding.

when will this day end???

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