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May 20, 2002 - 5:44 pm

8 random facts about my day so far:

1. victoria day. a holiday. meaningless to me cos i'm unemployed and all days seem like one giant holiday.
2. an email from the cutie boy from yesterday. wheeee!
3. late late "breakfast" with randy and justin. we ate chicken burgers with shoestring fries dipped in mayo at havana. yum.
4. a phone message from the oliver platt boy. this is the first i've heard from him in days. i called back. no response.
5. checked bank account. i need a job fast.
6. bought ivory soap. haven't used ivory in years. but it's cheap and smells good on boys. maybe it will smell good on me.
7. karma soap from lush: smells like heaven, lasts less than a week. very sad.
8. i am reading "fall on your knees" and have less than 50 pages to go. i'm trying to delay the ending by reading it in small doses.

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