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May 20, 2002 - 12:03 am

so i just got home from the sugar refinery where i saw a lovely, lovely band. very low-ish sweetness. yes, my leg is better. not even a limp! hooray!! so i arrive there alone. i figure that i will know people there and i do. i actually get let in for free and am immediately whisked to a table where i know only 2 people there. but there is also a very cute, young (perhaps too young?) stranger there. we chat. we chat lots and laugh even more. he is awkward and shy and he is easy to flirt with. i am flirting. i am cool. i am wearing knee socks & my hot-to-trot sexy skirt with the felt squares i sewed on a few days ago. i am cute. flirting is easier than i remembered it being. he offers me a ride home and i accept -- even tho it is still early, but he has school (!!!) projects to work on and i didn't ride my bike & am too poor to call for a cab. our car ride back to my apartment is fun and silly. i give him my card (yes, i have a business card -- please don't judge me).

i don't really care if he will call or not. in a way, this flirting thing is a bit of an experiment. i haven't really flirted with a boy in what feels like ages. even with the oliver platt boy, he was the one pursuing me -- so it was easy to flirt cos i knew he was already so smitten. this flirting thing was good practice. i don't have a crush on this boy (cos i know he is way too young), but he is cuter than pie in his horned rimmed glasses and sweet sweet sweet. so yes, i gave this flirting thing a good go. hooray!

go me!

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