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May 21, 2002 - 12:09 am

last night i spent over an hour on the phone with my new boy crush. no, actually i don't have a crush on him cos he is way too young. but he is sweet and so cute. and right now, cuteness and sweetness matters. i think we will go on a date soon, but i'm a bit nervous. he is afterall, 10 (ten!!) years younger than me. is that bad??? i know this is not relationship material, but i think it would be okay for fun dates and smooching. that is all he wants too. i don't know. is this wrong?? someone please tell me.

for your viewing pleasure, i have decided to post one of my videos here in diaryland. you have to have a high bandwidth connection to see it, as well as quicktime. say yes to downloading the appropriate codec. okay, here it is: faster pussycat, eat! eat!! enjoy.

now for the boring stuff. i've been applying for jobs all morning and it is getting pretty frustrating. no one wants to hire me. i know that this town has so much competition and there really aren't as many jobs here, but it is very self-deflating. i keep thinking that if i moved to toronto things would be easier. there are certainly many more job postings there. and if i could move to the states, i definitely would. maybe i could marry some american boy. he could get free health care and clean drinking water and i could get a job and a life in new york city. oh yes!

album worth listening to over and over on a cloudy day: east river pipe, shining hours in a can

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