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May 19, 2002 - 12:08 pm

two entries in less than a coupla hours. i must be in pain.

when you can't walk, all there is left to do is watch the home & garden channel and read other peoples diaries like this one. it was there where i found this online quiz. i am definitely emailing it to randy as it is all apart of his new feminization process. he'll get all huffy and grumpy that i sent it to him, but he will do the quiz. i know it.

kristen came by with some tylenol and other mysterious white tablets and capsules. i think my knee feels a bit better. but i still don't think i'm well enough to head out to the hooker mall and buy some cheap red adidas sneakers. when i went on my walk yesterday i ran into ted of y&s fame. he was admiring my ben sherman's while regaling me with tales of some cheapo red suede sneaks he spotted at the hooker mall. i was getting pretty excited. i made a mental note to check it out. sadly, the shoes will have to wait until i can bike on down. i really need red shoes tho. it's almost an emergency.

here is what i will do today. as you can see, nothing will involve walking, biking or yoga. [difficulty level 1-10]

+ dishes. the pile has overcome my sink and it is most certainly getting on my nerves. [7]
+ watching nigella bites and pukka tukka. is it just me, or is nigella cuter than jamie? it's a real contest -- especially when she wears her cat eye glasses and he wears something blue that matches his eyes. sigh. [1]
+ organizing my school stuff into binders. realistically speaking, this will never get done. [10]
+ eat leftover spinach & feta pizza warmed in the microwave. [3]
+ repeat my web surfing routine: check vfs email. respond if necessary. check hotmail. respond if necessary. check diaryland. check invisible counter on my portfolio site. who's looking at me now? check diaryland stats. am i still worthy? read message boards at bust. repeat. [1]
+ watch buffy reruns on tape. [2]
+ call parents. [10]
+ talk to meesoo on the phone. i will ask him how he is liking paxil. he will tell me that he only notices something different when he is smoking pot. i don't think he needs paxil. i just think he needs more pot. [5]
+ shower. [6]

disclaimer: i really am not this boring.

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