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May 18, 2002 - 3:01 pm

so after yesterdays declaration from cornelius i felt shaken. he called later and i felt better. tho he did tell me that we shouldn't sit so close together while working! tee hee. when i laughed at that, he told me in all earnestness that "well, i am very physically attracted to you". if you knew cornelius, you would giggle too. i don't know why.

last night, patsy, randy, kyla and i took off in a blaze of glory about town. we rode our bikes downtown loudly singing (badly) a made-up-on-the-spot medley from grease. it was fun. we ended up at the web cafe (awful place -- basically the cafeteria to my old school, vfs) to see masa's band "almost transparent blue" play for an 'asian heritage month' event. they were literally more than fantastic. a free jazz/rock bombastical splendor. i can see why masa is constantly flying off to chicago, new york, tokyo, etc. to play in jazz clubs. he is da bomb (and a hot lil' tomato too). we drank overpriced beers and rode back home more exhuberant than ever, riding uphill without breaking a sweat. late night drunken bike rides are aces. oh yes! randy and i had quite the conversation when he rode me home in front of my building. we talked about our lives and hugged forever and a day. it was really, really nice. it also was a bit weird cos i kinda felt like we should have been kissing, but we've been friends for far too long to let that happen. i suppose. he is a sweet boy.

today, kyla came over for breakfast and we lounged around and had a lazy start to our day. saturdays are nice. i went out and bought meat cos i'm craving steak like some kind of monster. it will be my dinner and i can't wait. as a graduation present, meesoo bought me a demented mcdonald's grimace statuette. it's pretty fucked up looking and says on the back: "made in thailand. ©mcdonel's" heehee. so this statue that rests on my kitchen table started a discussion about this odd fast food mascot. first of all, why?? a purple blob named grimace does not make you inclined to be eating burgers. kyla said that when she was little she thought that grimace was made out of piles of raw hamburger meat so she never would eat a mcdonald's hamburger. i found that pretty funny and very observant. i think i will have to do a bit of grimace research very soon.

grimace my ass

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