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May 19, 2002 - 9:27 am

i don't really know how it happened but my left knee is fucked. i'm in pain and can barely move. i'll have to call a friend to pick me up some ibuprofen since going to the store is now something that i can't do. yesterday i noticed that my knee had a bit of a painful kink. i decided to go for a long walk to stretch it out. when i came back home, the pain became unbearable. i don't know if it was somehow caused by my bike ride on friday night or what.

i need drugs.

last night randy and kyla came over and we watched "trading spaces" and the "makeover story" on TLC while i had a bag of ice resting on my knee. yes, we are geeks. we ordered pizza and drank beer and talked back to the television. i think kyla and i are slowly emmasculating randy. i don't think randy will be regaling tales of his night to his rawk friends. nope.

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