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May 16, 2002 - 2:04 pm

one of the best things in the world is a grilled cheese sandwich. for awhile -- especially when i was a vegetarian -- i loved throwing in pickles and slices of onions into my grilled cheese sandwiches. it tasted just like a cheeseburger!! (well, i was a vegetarian for over 10 years). today, i did a little experiment and threw in some hot mango chutney with the cheese and then pan fried my little sandwichy friend. yummy! it is my new number one food invention. try it for yourself and see! i have to thank cornelius for the cheese cos he brought over food earlier this week so we could make breakfast. but leaving a whole block of cheddar cheese in an empty fridge is a bad idea. sorry cornelius.

i'm still not over my rejection letter, but i'm making up for it by applying for jobs and doing a through job search. it was pretty satisfying applying for a job today through a source i would have never even thought of. maybe something good will come out of it. if not, well, i'll just have to keep looking.

after a hot shower using my new 'karma' soap from lush (it smells delicious!), i got on my bike and hit the closest value village in search of a good skirt and some shirts. and i did find some good stuff. i even found a great dress but had to put it back cos even at $9.99, it was too pricey for me. but i found a lovely summer skirt and some tshirts. hoorah!

side note: earlier this week randy asked me out for breakfast. cornelius was already here, so i declined. randy went for breakfast at 'havana', a trendy little restaurant one block away from my apartment. who did he see eating there?? martin donovan. yes, the hal hartley staple, martin donovan!!!!!! if randy would have called me from the restaurant to let me know, i would have been there in a flash to ask for his hand in marriage. or at least, oogle him from afar. sigh. word to the wise: apparently martin donovan eats there quite frequently.

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